SIPCRETE:- Is establishing Dealers / Distributors for the Sipcrete System, worldwide.

   These Sipcrete Dealers and Strategic partners will Sell Interconnectors, Manufacture Sipcrete SCIPs and distribute tools and finish materials.

   Siptec and its Dealers offer Tools, Equipment, Training & Materials to clients wanting to build with the “Sipcrete Building System”. The Sipcrete system has major advantages over its competitors and there are no limitations to the panel thickness that can be produced with the system.

   Therefore Sipcrete becomes viable for use in any country where you can obtain.

   EPS, steel mesh & send / cement.

   The cost of establishing a sipcrete plant and national operation is just small fraction of the set up cost of competitors such as emmedue or baupanel who charge £3.5 million for a license and plant.

   The sipcrete system has advantages over these panels

   Sipcrete does not thermal bridge across the wire connections

   Sipcrete panels can be produced with any insulation code or thickness

   Sipcrete does not require a large expensive building to establish production

   If you are interested in a dealership for your country or state then you should fill out our enquiry form and giving full details of your current business status, qualifications and resources.

We offer you

Full theoretical and practical training

Unlimited access to technical help and information

Supply of all necessary Sipcrete materials (tools, panels, mesh, accessories etc.)

Ongoing on site support

Co-ordination with other accredited Sipcrete dealers / builders

We ask from you:

Sound building knowledge and experience


Quality workmanship

High work ethic


Creativity and a desire for innovation