Can I purchase Sipcrete Thermocore panels to use on my own self build project? or the Sipcrete Interconnectors to make my own panels?

Yes, Sipcrete can supply Thermocore panels and Interconnectors to self builders. Panel are made with either EPS or PIR Insulation cores. Interconnectors are sold in Boxes of 1000 pieces this is enough to produce 110 sq meters of panel, with either 50 – 100 – 150 mm core

Is making the panels difficult, are special machines required?

No, competent D.I.Y people can make the panels in about 7 minutes , Sipcrete can supply a start up panel making kit for Self Builders. This starter Kit is only supplied along with an order for Interconnectors

Is the Sipcrete System competitive in price to The ICF Block Systems such as BEKO?

Indeed it is Sipcrete has a much lower finished cost than ICF Blocks and it is far more efficient! Better Continuous Insulation PIR! And the concrete is in the right place to provide Thermal Mass, Placing the concrete outer facing finishes the wall, With Great Strength & Finish, No Expensive Render Systems, the same applies to the Inner wall facing. You do not require expensive concrete Pumps and no problem with blow outs like on ICFs. Installing electrics and plumbing is much simpler with SIPCRETE and is much safer than ICF Construction because the foam core is encased in concrete with Zero Fire risk! NOT EPS!!!

What does it cost to build with Sipcrete ?

A typical external wall complying with part L of building regulations with a rendered finish will cost about the same as a single skin block wall and less than half of the price of an 11″ cavity wall finished Insulated to the same specification. Sprayed concrete cost as little as €6 per sq meter for the concrete material, self builders can apply this using the low cost sprayer or a contractor would charge about €40 a sq meter to apply both internally and externally.

One of the major advantages of Sipcrete is that most of the costs remain static, if you want to build with a lower U value, only the core price increases with thickness, U Value of 0.01 is easily achieved and remember this is a tight monolithic building structure with considerable Thermal Mass

No Other Building Method can deliver these U values at such a low a price.

Can I get a contractor to apply the concrete finish ?

Yes, this is the most cost effective way to build with Sipcrete, Sipcrete can put you in touch with experienced concrete spraying / rendering companies who can apply the internal and external concrete facings.

Can I build with external brick skin or facings ?

Sure you can, if you want you can erect the brick face against the outer mesh and backfill with mortar as the wall goes up, then spray the internal skin, all types of Brick slip or other facing system can be applied to Sipcrete walls

Will the system be suitable for non load bearing internal walls and economical to use ?

Yes, Sipcrete manufacture a 50 mm core that produces a load bearing finished wall 10 cms thick its cheaper to put up than block, it’s acoustics are better and it’s stronger than blocks, and far faster to build with, this wall can support upper floors if required and remember installing electrics into a Sipcrete wall could not be easier.

SIPCRETE also sell the SIPTEC INTERWALL Acoustic Partition Wall System

I want to apply the concrete finishes at my speed and in my own time, how can I go about this?

There are three/four ways you can do this, 1 by applying the render coats by hand, 2 purchasing the low cost sprayer and Sipcrete Finish from us and mixing the materials with a 1/2 bag mixer, or 3 renting a sprayed concrete application rig from Sipcrete, 4 bringing in a concrete spraying contractor.

The Sipcrete system doesn’t have a cavity, does this cause damp penetration?

You can build with a cavity if you wish but when a Sipcrete wall is finished there are three seamless, continuous skins around the building. The System is ideal for Basements because of its waterproof properties. The Thermocore is totally water repellent and prevents water passing from one concrete skin to the other, if you wish you can add a waterproofing agent to the concrete, remember this type of concrete is used to build and hold water in swimming pools. This is why it is impossible to pass water across a Sipcrete Wall.

Do I have to use EPS Polystyrene?

No, one of the great features of this system is that you can use virtually any thermal insulation material, for instance, if you use a polyurethane core of 150 mm you will get a wall U value of 0.138 w/m²k at a price way below any other building method and the enormous benefits of passive thermal storage, strength, sound proofing , speedy erection etc. Of course PIR Is a prefered core material, its Lambda value is 40% better than Polystyrene!

Where can we compare the cost of Sipcrete against other products?

Send us your question and we will give you the comparative cost. one comparison we are frequently asked for is Sipcrete pricing against ICF’s. In the UK the Sipcrete Panel is about the same price as the ICF Block per sq meter but by the time its finished it is at least 70% cheaper than ICF Blocks, erection is much faster, No blow outs, lower transport delivery cost and they will not blow away as you build!!! The finished advantages of Sipcrete against ICF’s are numerous, High thermal mass, low cost finish render, fire resistance etc., etc., just think about them.