Sipcrete SCIP 3D Panel Production Can Be Set Up For As Little As £12,000 GBP

  Sipcrete walls, roof & floor panels quickly and easily manufactured & erected.

  It takes just 7 minutes to produce a sipcrete scip panel and now you can make own scip panels at home

  Construction of walls & roof with unskilled labour is simple and straightforward making the sipcrete system ideal for the self builder

  Sipcrete comes in at circa half the price of icf blocks and conventional construction systems such as SIPS, timber frame bricks & blocks etc.

  Concrete placement completes the sipcrete SCIP internal and external render finishes, eliminating expensive polymer render system as required for ICF & SIPS walls.

  Sipcrete buildings are incredible strong and double when the concrete finish is applied they become monolithic, they are capable of sustaining significationt loads even those caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami and other adverse weather conditions.

  Sipcrete's rigid foam core provides superb thermal insulation, whilst the exterior structural concrete skins account for sipcrete's incredible tensile and compressive strength.

  Sipcrete's superior thermal performace, significantly reduces heating & colling costs, limits air infiltration(tight structures) and quickly & economically creates a quiet draft free interior.

Passive home design and Build

Sipcrete Delivers

Huge Savings on building Shell Construction Cost, compared to ICF,s Timber Frame and most other forms of construction

Most Economical

Way to achieve paasive building standards even for Self Builds.

Monolithic Structure

Fantastic strength, Earthquake, Hurricane & Flood resistance qualities.

Low Manufacturing Cost

Set up cost without specialised labour or expensive machinery.

Dealer Opportunities Worldwide

Low startup cost. Local material supplies. Training and start up assistance.